Advanced Biofuels 5` Briefing

I use this video to answer the various curiosity of energy industry players, especially those working in the renewable energy sector, because sooner or later what is happening in Europe will surely spread and have an impact throughout the world.

The impact can be positive or negative depending on how we react to it, see it as a threat or an opportunity. For those who want to perpetuate fossil energy or have even developed renewable biofuels but still use food or feed, the direction initiated by the European Union could be a threat.

Advanced Renewable Library

Thank God the book "Regenerative Energy" is finally finished. This 25th book is a compilation of the writings of Ir. Muhaimin Iqbal on his LinkedIn and Advanced Renewable sites.

25th book


18th book

19th book

20th book

21th book

22th book

23th book


24th book


Green Industry

Several other benefits of bio-oils derivative products for green industrial products.

Green Energy

Diverse biomass after we process it into homogeneous feedstocks, we can use it in the downstream fuel and power plant industries.

Green Chemistry

The chemical industry generally relies on petroleum-derived products which can now be replaced by bio-oil-derived products.

Green Materials

We can replace various plastics that rely on petroleum-derived products using bio-oil, with the first bio-oil derivative product, namely syngas.

Green Additives

Bio oil which is rich in phenols can be used for the pharmaceutical world, or by syngas synthesis pathway.

Green Pesticides

Compounds in bio oil can be used for pesticides, or to develop special compounds from syngas.

Green Pharmacy

Liquid smoke / low temperature version of bio-oil can be used for preserving fish and meat, as well as giving the taste and smell of grilled fish or meat.

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